Condition: Like New

These items are 80% to 100% like new and do not have obvious stains, fading, tears, etc. Like new items are completely functional and do not have any major visible signs of wear. Some people might even mistake them as brand new or they may have actually never even been worn – which is the case for some items from our closets! Most items in the store are like new.

Condition: Gently Used

These items may have minor or general signs of wear (i.e. fading, little marks, wear, stains etc), but still have lots of life in them! Gently Used items are 60% to 80% like new and still perfectly wearable!

Condition: Used

These items may have obvious signs of wear (marks, stains, major fading etc.) and are perfect if you don’t mind putting in a little work to fix a small tear or some elbow grease to get out a small stain! These items are usually significantly discounted.

Type: Vintage

These items are 20+ years old and still look and feel fab to this day!

Last updated: May 5, 2023

Note: All items are inspected by our team. We use the guidelines above to determine the condition of each item in the store. We thoroughly check items and do our best to search for any signs of wear. If you have questions regarding the condition and type of any item please contact us.